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R0536 115 10 & R0536 415 10 ball transfer unit with spring clip

2015-11-9      View:

Ball transfer unit with spring clip size similar to Bosch Rexroth R0536

R0536 115 10 : carbon steel shell, carbon steel load ball, zinc galvanized

R0536 415 10 : carbon steel shell, plastic load ball, zinc galvanized


- easily mountable and ex-tractable from the load side. Fixing is by means of spring clips, which permit generous tolerances in the mounting hole.
-reinforced cover to withstand heavy impact loads
-types with plastic load ball
-special shape of cover requires use of mounting tool
-with holes in base for dirt discharge against surcharge

R0536 ball transfer unit

R0536 ball transfer unit

R0536 115 415 10 ball transfer unit